Geographical information
Size Hamlet
Area Silver Marches
Societal information
Humans 89%
Half-elves 4%
Lightfoot Halflings 6%
Others 1%

Population 226 (not including Argent Legion)
Exports Furs

Jalanthar is a hamlet located on the Everlund to Sundabar (Trail) and was once a stop on the Rauvin River situated between the Moon Pass and Everlund. In recent years the hamlet relocated from the south bank of the river to the foothills north of the river after repeated orcs raids. These have been overrun on multiple occasions, but the inhabitants retreated to safety into the mountains. Many of the new buildings are built directly into the hillside and are covered with turf to resist burning. Additionally they have strong doorway to resist battering. Currently the defenses are boosted by a troop of the Argent Legion camping in the old ruins.

Most of the current inhabitants are trappers and hunters. In addition to the fur trade, they hire themselves out as guides.

Kewyn Rampart: Capo della comunità, anziano paladino in armatura completa. Mantello blu che ha visto tempi migliori. Canuto, capelli corti e barba ben curata. Parlata altezza. Di origini nobili ma che ha concluso poco nella sua vita.
Storn Crommarth
Ammarthé Sungalard
Ithnar Modrasz
Barthor Heldruin
Badel Kilmander
Places of Interest
Crowing Cockatrice is an popular inn and tavern known for serving Jalanthar Amaber.[citation needed]


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